Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 3 Tainan-time to work

For two lucky nights we get the pleasure of staying in one of the nicest hotels I have ever been in. When you leave your room, you walk out onto a balcony that overlooks a huge atrium, at the bottom of which is a fitness facility. I have not actually had the pleasure of trying it out, but it sure looks state of the art.
At 5am I was lying in bed wide awake trying desparately to sleep and keep quiet, when I looked over and saw Steve (my roommate on tour) with a glow coming from under his covers as he was reading his emails on his phone.
It turns out that each of us had been up since 4am and were both just lying there trying not to wake the other. Since we were awake we went for a walk.

Steve on the busy streets of Tainan which were not so busy at 6am.

The atrium...18 floors up (I couldn't look down)

The beautiful lobby

Last night we were treated to a 12 course meal by the Division of Culture from the city of Tainan. We all could have literally rolled back to our hotel.
Cecelia Chueh (middle) is our "cultural liason". She directs the Egret Women's choir in Vancouver and sits on our board. She is the leading force behind the Taiwan leg of this tour. A special thanks for all her work and connections is needed!!

After dinner, Bill found out what he actually ate. (Larry didn't seem to mind.)

In the morning we had a workshop at the Tainan Theological College and seminary, with a choir of music teachers.

The sign says it all.

Music teacher choir.

The music teacher choir and the VCC women workshop Elgar (that meant a 30 min. break for the men... haha).

We presented some gifts as tokens of appreciation.

We then had the afternoon off to rest and prepare for our first concert. (much needed nap)
The women met early to get some pictures of their new costumes.

Lorraine tried to organize us.

Look at those pipes!

Will riding in our lavish gypsy caravan that took us to the concert.



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