Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 5 Taipei

We made it to Taipei!
At the main train station there are people everywhere you look.
When traveling with the VCC, we the singers are not in control. We don't have to know trivial things like where we are staying or going, so none of us does. All we do is follow the leader. I jokingly remarked to Jon that it would be easy to get swallowed up by the sea of people and I could just see it, me, lost in Taipei with not even the faintest idea of the hotel's name. He imediately called a halt and made everyone "count off" to make sure we were all there. We were.
The choir was last in Taipei for an international choral festival in 2002. We had a fantastic guide back then named Jason. Seven years later he met us at our hotel and took us all to the Shilin night market (the biggest in Taiwan). He looks exactly the same, and has not aged a day.

I refused to wear the mask. It clashed with my shirt. (Until we found designer ones in the market.)

I won't even try to explain the night market. I think it is something you have to experience. There are smells I am positive do not exist in nature, more people in one space than I thought possible, mix in anything and everything is for sale.
We all managed to find a few souvenirs...
T-shirts which make absolutely no sense seemed to be quite popular.

A favorite. Please email me ( what you think this means. The best interpretation will get a prize!


The next morning we were left to our own devices. Steve and I decided to go to Taipei 101; officially it is still the world's tallest building until the completion of the Burj Dubai in December.

The amazing view.

The elevator ride took all of 30 seconds to go up 90 stories (apparently the fastest in the world). It felt like taking off in an airplane with no turbulance, ear pops and all.

We made our way back to the hotel and went to the rehearsal in preparation of tonight's big concert. The hall that we are singing in is something else.

The National Concert hall of Taipei seats around 2000, was built in 1987, and cost 7 billion dollars!! (Taiwanese dollars)

Will told me this is the biggest organ in all of Asia.

We were all feeling a little apprehensive and nervous before tonight's big concert!

Wish us luck... I mean break a leg.
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