Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 7 Tokyo

We made it to Japan, that means we sadly had to say goodbye to Cecelia and Taiwan. We had such a great time and will all miss it there.
Tokyo is spotless, orderly and gigantic.(except for the hotel rooms, orderly and spotless yes... gigantic... no)

I guess you sacrifice size for location.

This morning I woke up and set off with Cameron in search of breakfast. A great thing about Tokyo is that in front of each restaurant they have plastic displays of the food that they serve. We found a great little spot and camped out there for a time.

Mmmm, plastic soup!
Charles and Lucille Flavelle joined up with our group and will be traveling with us for the remainder of the tour.

Charles with John T.
They own a little chocolate company back home called Purdy's.
We also picked up Tama Copithorne. She was the major force and organizer behind this part of the tour.

Tama (middle) has us all trained in the proper etiquette and proticol, which was put to the test as the choir got dressed and went to the Canadian Embassy and sang a mini-concert/tea party for the royal Emperor and Empress of Japan!
Vi had her speech ready.

All those years of playing Princess tea parties are coming to fruition!!
Their Majesties are the only Imperial Household left in the world. Where others are mere royalty, there is only one Emperor.
We were first taken on a tour of the Embassy. The outdoor rock garden was designed to represent the different regions in Canada.

The north.

The Pacific.

The Prairies!

Just kidding! We love and miss the bread basket of Canada!
We were then taken to the Ambassador's official residence in preparation for the concert. They thought of absolutely everything.

The concert included just 10 VIP guests.

Their Majesties' chairs! The man in the suit is the Canadian Ambasador.

We practised getting into one line so the we could each be introduced by our names to Their Highnesses.

There were no pictures allowed because the other embassies could lose face, and it may show favoritism towards Canada. Also, just transporting the Royals required 4 different police forces including helicopters. Talk about a complicated production!
It was out of this world. The Emperor and Empress spoke to each of us, and they were the cutest and most elegant people I have ever met. This night was one I will remember for the rest of my life!! After the concert there was a reception and Their Majesties were ushered around so that they could have a brief conversation with each of us. The Emperor told us the last time he visited Canada prior to this summer's visit was when he went to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, when he visited on the way back to Japan.

Fancy hors d'oeuvres

What a pleasure! And honour! It isn't every day you get to meet Royalty.

The Olympic clock here. Makes me almost miss home.


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