Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 9 Tokyo

Japan is the neatest place and has some of the coolest neighbourhoods. This morning I went to Harajuku.

It is so neat with all sorts of designer shops full of "must buys". I fought my way through the throngs of Japanese schoolgirls who were buying rhinestones for their cellphones to pick up some cute bibs for my new nephew. I realized afterwards that I spent $50.00, not $5.00 like I thought I did. My Yen, like my common sense, seem to be depleting quickly.

Everything in this store is pink!

I got some dog treats for the pets in my life.

In the afternoon we had a dress rehearsal at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan theatre. The Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus is such a great group! I had some Canada pencils to give away.

We presented a gift to their director, Chifuru. After, I got some pictures with longtime friends.

Our sister choir!!
In the basement of the theatre we left out mark.

Didn't write this... just liked it.


Sorry my posts have become a bit sporadic... Who would have thought wireless signals were hard to come by in Japan?


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