Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 1-Vernon

We were away without a hitch. After doing it for more than 35 years, the Vancouver Chamber Choir has turned touring on a bus into an art form. Like church pews on Sunday mornings, we each have claimed spots that we sit in. Some have been sitting in the same spot for years and years. We have front of the bus people, back of the bus people, and the few inbetweeners and floaters.
march 3 002 
Steve and I loading up (notice us posing while poor Vi is hefting boxes in the background…oops, sorry!)
We got on and then counted off. Each singer in the group has a number associated with them. (I happen to be lucky number 13.) It is VCC tradition that if a female singer wants to announce to the choir she was pregnant she would list off her number then her number plus a half. John Trotter our assistant conductor is only staying on tour with us a couple of days, because his ”half” is actually “seven-eighths” and fatherhood is imminent.
march 3 015
It may be the last time we see him this awake for a long time…

The trip to Vernon has some pretty amazing scenery:
march 3 012 
 march 3 022
We made great time and were in Vernon before you know it. We got to the hotel, put our stuff away, got our music ready and went to a sound check at the theater.
march 3 027
Backstage they have hundreds of posters of different groups who have performed in the Vernon Centre for the Performing Arts.
march 3 026
In the green room, just chillin’ after our sound check.

We then went for dinner, got changed and sang the show.
march 3 030
The lobby after the concert where we got a chance to talk to the audience.

After the show, since it was someone’s birthday, we went for a celebratory drink (like we need an excuse).
march 3 033
Happy Birthday!! :)


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