Saturday, February 26, 2011



We left Toronto early and rushed to the airport only to find that our flight to Ottawa had been cancelled and that we were booked on a later flight. I swear this choir has had the worst luck with flights. Well, I was dreaming of a bump up to first class, but no luck… It ended up taking as long to fly as it would have to drive, and we just made it to our rehearsal with the Ottawa Cantata Singers with little time to spare.

The next morning we gave a workshop for the singers of Ecole Secondaire De La Salle.


These kids are doing such amazing repertoire, it makes me so proud of them!

One of the pieces was in French, and all I will say is that they were very kind and did not make too much fun of our “West Coast” pronunciation.


Another of the pieces that they were working on was called Minnewanka, by Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. It is about the cycle of water, and Jon is showing them the original score (which almost looks more like a piece of art rather than a piece of music) and how it flows from one section right into the next.

In the the evening we had a concert, but had a couple of free hours to go and see a few sights in Ottawa.



A pretty amazing city!!


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