Wednesday, March 2, 2011




Nothing says Montreal quite like maple syrup. Or…


…a huge smoked meat sandwich.  So, indulge we did!

The drive from Ottawa to Montreal takes only 2 hours and covers some very pretty landscape. One almost dreams of trading their half-million-dollar townhouse in the suburbs of Vancouver for a beautiful farm along this route where I could be out tapping the maple trees at this time of year…

Did I mention I have no winter boots and nearly had a panic attack when I saw what the salt did to the bottom of my pant legs?


We shared our concert with four other choirs, and the evening was all organized by the Montreal Choral Institute and Michael Zaugg. (Thank you SOOO MUCH!!!) Each group sang a short set by themselves, and all had a beautiful conviction and a love for performing. We then sang 5 pieces together in a mass choir of combined forces. I love doing that -- it’s like a big choral love-in, and you get to meet and connect with all the people around you.


I was freaking out a little as one of the pieces was in French, and… let’s just say I rely heavily on our French coaches.  Jean-François, the tenor sitting beside me, actually complimented me and told me my French was perfect! I should really just be passing along that compliment to our coaches but I will save it for the next time they correct my vowels. Smile


The beautiful church of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce where we rehearsed and performed during our time in Montreal.


Even more beautiful on the inside.


Rehearsing one of the mass choir pieces.

There was also a festival happening in Montreal called Nuit blanche. It was an all-night festival of art and performing arts that happened throughout the city. Thousands of people were out celebrating and we just happened to be at the right place at the right time to take part. Here are a few pictures from the night.



I joined in and left my mark.


Even the snow could not keep the people from partying.




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