Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunshine Coast

It was a very dark, cold, and early Sunday in February when we all made our way to the ferry that took us from West Vancouver over to the Sunshine Coast so that we could sing a concert at the Raven’s Cry Theatre in Sechelt.
The women worked out some last minute glitches and made sure the German pronunciation was just perfect in total Vancouver fashion… Over a nonfat tall soy extra hot green tea latte with half sweetener.
The concert was sponsored by Windsor Plywood. When I renovated my house this is where I shopped!
Our new soprano this year is named Beth (centre). She is a Sunshine Coast native and her parents came to cheer her on.
The Sunshine Coast is famous for a little show called The Beachcombers. It is the longest-running dramatic series ever made for Canadian television. We felt like Nick or Relic, when some of us went for a quick bite at Molly’s Reach before heading home.
The beauty of the Sunshine Coast made me want give up everything and take up beachcombing…  Unfortunately the Persephone is now out of commission.
We caught a late ferry back to town. Look, Cam (right) has his eyes closed…surprise, surprise.


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