Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We had a very long trip from Maine to Antigonish. It actually took us two days. Every touring group needs a manager like Violet. She has the uncanny ability to anticipate our needs and to find us a hotel that has the exact amenity to fit the situation (i.e. our hotel was right beside a liquor store… hallelujah!!).


This was the view from my bus seat for those two days. Our bus driver, Terry, braved the elements and delivered us safely to Antigonish.

During these long trips, everyone at the back of the bus practices their music non-stop from the moment they sit down to the moment they get up.Smile with tongue out

We also practice: patience, flexibility, adaptability, resilience and tolerance. When we pointed out the acronym for this was PFART (hahaha), the powers that be were not amused.


This is a typical action shot on a VCC bus trip.


Antigonish is a very picturesque town filled with old Victorian houses, with St. Ninian Cathedral dominating the landscape from up on a hill.



We had a quick workshop with the choir from St. Francis Xavier University.


The choir has quite a history with St. Francis Xavier. We have toured here at least six times in the last 20 years. Here’s a concert poster from when we visited in the 80s. It was hanging up in a hallway in the school.


This was pre-Photoshop. The feathered hair and dry ice effect was very cutting edge in those days.

We sang a glorious concert that evening in the Cathedral. In one of our pieces there is an “echo quartet” which sings from offstage and echoes the main choir. Jon told us that it sounded like he could hear 5 echoes (a good thing). St. Ninian has the most incredible acoustics, and we love coming back here to sing!


Here’s Marla in the Cathedral.

The Vancouver Chamber Choir’s website includes a list of concerts described as “The VCC’s Defining Performances“. On the list is: ”Every concert in St. Ninian's Catholic Cathedral, Antigonish, Nova Scotia”. Click here to see for yourself.



It was a little frigid during the concert, so much so that the women were wishing they had tailcoats to wear, just like the men do.

After the concert there was a reception in the beautiful, newly renovated gallery located in the school next door.


A great night was had by all!



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