Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saint John, NB



We sang our first concert of our East Coast tour last night in Fredericton, NB at the Playhouse Theatre. Jenny (right) and Catherine are standing with Tim Yerxa  and Mark (left). Tim is the Executive Director of the Playhouse. Jon Washburn, our conductor, humorously pointed out that the first time he conducted the choir in the Playhouse was in the early 1970s… probably before Tim had even been born.


Fabi (from our alto section) took this picture outside our hotel in Fredericton before we got on a bus to take the short trip to Saint John. She thought it was funny, and so do I.  It may be mean, but being that I am from the Prairies I  get a kind of perverse pleasure watching the choir of Vancouverites deal with winter weather. I actually think I had Fabi convinced that once this bike got its snow tires on, it could be up and running anytime.  Smile with tongue out



Unfortunately she didn’t fall for the “lick the metal moose and get your tongue stuck” trick, either.


I know we’ve only been away for two days, but the ocean reminds me of home.


I saw this poster in a window as we were out discovering Saint John.


Saint John is the city of adventure, and where better to find that adventure than finding a gang out front of the Imperial Theatre?


I caught a picture of this group of hooligans hanging out on a Friday night.


Here we are during our sound check. We usually dress a little better for concerts…


Speaking of dress… on a tour not that long ago, these two were walking down the street wearing these hats when a truckload of teenagers yelled at them, “Go home, Commies!” (The irony was not lost on me when I saw that the truck was red.) Every time I see them wearing these hats together I think of that story.


The Imperial Theatre is beautiful on the inside, too!


Our hosts, Cambiata, were just so lovely. I really enjoy working with a local choir. Singing next to a person in a choir builds a strong relationship so quickly.


Those relationships last a lifetime. Janet Kidd (right) and Vi sat beside each other in the Chamber Choir for 7 years back in the 1970s/80s.


I never knew that both Donald Sutherland or Stompin’ Tom were from Saint John.


Saint John is so pretty. We will definitely be back!


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