Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Days 3&4: Humboldt

We left very early from Edmonton to travel by bus to Humboldt, Saskatchewan. It is the longest travel day that we will face on the tour. It should take about 7 hours or so.

Lorraine acted as stewardess in order to make the trip a little more enjoyable. (Thanks to the choirs in Humboldt and Marysburg for all the tasty treats!!)

2013 feb 26 007

I was born in Saskatchewan and grew up in Manitoba. I especially love when the choir goes to the Prairies, partly because it feels like I am going home, but also a small part of me also enjoys watching this group of Vancouverites have to deal with winter conditions.

2013-feb26 005

2013-feb26 017

When I was young, my father took a photography class which started a fascination -- almost an obsession -- with taking pictures of grain elevators. As we were driving along the Yellowhead Highway the hereditary pull took grip on me and all I could do was flash away.2013-feb26 0072013-feb26 0082013-feb26 010

2013 feb 26 001

We drove along the open prairie until we saw the beautiful red brick Church of the Assumption in Marysburg. It is by far the biggest building for miles.

2013-feb26 013


We had a workshop with members of the surrounding communities as well as some high school students. They had been working on two pieces which we would perform together in the concert. The man standing next to me had travelled 70 kilometers for the experience. It seemed so far until he told me it was 45 minutes away. Wait… that is how long my 7-kilometer commute takes in Vancouver every morning. 45 minutes… damn you, Vancouver traffic!

The day of the concert we had some time to relax and see the town of Humboldt.

We stumbled upon our name in lights:

2013-feb26 029

Cameron went for a ride at the local mall on the massage chair:

2013-feb26 0192013-feb26 0202013-feb26 0212013-feb26 0232013-feb26 0242013-feb26 0252013-feb26 0262013-feb26 027

The stress of the tour melted away and we were ready for the night’s performance.


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