Thursday, February 6, 2014


We left an hour early from Windsor in order to make it to Hamilton on time. We were driving through a huge storm, and passed accident after accident. 
I hope everyone was safe and okay.
A huge semi truck came speeding by on our inside (we were already stopped because of an accident on the inside lane). The truck was going too fast and didn't have enough time to stop, so it could rear end us or take out our mirror. Both drivers did some amazing driving so as to avoid a serious accident. 
Well we made it to McMaster University (only 15 minutes late). We sat among the students, and worked on a piece that they were singing. 

Jon and Rachel Rensink-Hoff from the University.
Thank you so much for having us!
The beautiful Christ's Church Cathedral in Hamilton is where we sang a great concert.
Cameron modeling his winter 2014 look.
I think he untucked his pants for the concert...


  1. Cameron is looking very stylish. Thank goodness you mishap with the transport was only minor. It was wonderful to have you visit Sudbury. The concert was one we'll never forget.

  2. Hey! thanks for using 'soft focus' on me and Gordo in Slainte Pub in Hamilton--I could pass for a new Choir member! (only recognized myself by the glasses and lipstick.) It was SO LOVELY to see you all, and hear your excellent Christ's Church Cathedral concert. Your sound was a real hit in Hamilton. Come again, soon--but bring less snow next time! Slainte/Cheers, Audrey Winch