Monday, February 3, 2014

Soundstreams in Toronto

This is us in the first rehearsal with Conductor Kaspars Putnins of the Latvian Radio Choir. The mass choir was made up of us (Vancouver Chamber Choir), Elmer Isler Singers (Toronto), and Pro Coro (Edmonton)
He is amazing! We learned so much from him!
Melissa Morgan pictured here (right) with Jenny one of our altos, was a participant in our National Conductors Symposium a few years ago. She is singing with the Islers. It was great to re-connect with her.
Here is a picture of Jon with Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. Over the years Vancouver Chamber Choir has sang so much of his music. The concert here in Toronto is featuring a new work by Murray for 3 choirs. So cool!
We trudged through the snow!
Each choir had its own mini-concert at St. Thomas's Church. It was great to be able to listen and support our sister choirs.

I am not too sure how long the live-stream of the concert will stay active, but it is a great show. Here is a link to Soundstreams live feed.


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