Friday, October 16, 2009

5 Days and counting

We are getting ready. We only have 2 rehearsals left before our big tour and the choir almost seems giddy. Hours and hours of work and preparation have gone into the planning of our tour to Taiwan and Japan, and we are only 5 days away!

A rainy day in Vancouver...

Last week we were lucky enough to commission and premier two lovely and totally different works which made for a great concert. John Tavener wrote a haunting and complicated piece based on French poet Jean Bies called Miroir des poemes. The second half of the concert we sang a piece by local composer Peter Berring based on Norse mythology called Hervor Maiden King. He sent us a beautiful bouquet of flowers to show his appreciation.

The concert was at the Chan Centre at UBC and a friend of mine who was working as an usher told me that someone came dressed in chain mail armour... what fun!

There are a few last minute alterations to be made. The women are going to debut some beautiful new costumes on this tour. (thanks Marla & Delores)

I love these guys!!
Tom Ellis


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