Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 3- Osoyoos/Oliver

Some of the more rowdy members of the group regaled us with tales from the previous evening.

march 5 003

Apparently they gave better than they got and got away mostly unscathed.

march 5 004

It was a very slow fight. My mom took tai chi and was disappointed when she found out this move was actually called “Play Guitar”, not the much more exotic “Pray Gitah” she thought it was.

march 5 013 march 5 020 march 5 008

The trip from Vernon to Osoyoos is so scenic, and the landscape is dotted with orchards and vineyards. We actually begged Vi to stop at a winery, but to no avail. We had places to go and not much time to get to them.

march 5 021

Did you know that Osoyoos is actually a desert? You can see the cactus in the planter, no?

We took over our hotel which had beautiful balconies and views of the lake.

march 5 024

march 5 029

march 5 030

The water was like glass.

We had enough time to eat supper/relax before going off to the Frank Venables Auditorium in Oliver to sing our show.march 5 032

Cam won an award!!  The Ogopogo Invitational. He was so overjoyed, he got quite emotional.

march 5 033 march 5 031march 5 034

See, he is losing it.


march 5 035

After that picture-taking ordeal we laughed and laughed!

After the concert we found a little pub and had a quick ginger ale before bed

march 5 037 

march 5 039


  1. "Pray gitah", oh Thomas, I heart you so... I hope that you are all having a wonderful time entertaining the masses. -Seema