Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 4 - Creston

We left early, and traveled east on Hwy #3, headed toward the Kootenays. 
march 6 005
We drove up the side of a mountain, and from the top there was a beautiful view of the lake and town of Osoyoos.
Once we hit the summit we encountered something that we were not that familiar with, coming from Vancouver.
march 6 007
Snow! We decided to remain strong and venture on. ;)
The town of Grand Forks is famous for 2 things: sunshine and borscht. I am not joking. That’s what it says on the sign on the way into town.

 I can’t say where the claim of famous sunshine comes from (although it was very sunny when we were there), but the borscht claim comes from a large Doukhobor population (Russian heritage). It was the perfect place to stop and have a great lunch which consisted of Pirohi, Borscht, and Veroniki (sorry for the spelling). Don’t ask what they were. They were just good!
march 6 010 
march 6 009
I ate lunch with Grant.
The bus trip to Creston actually took the better part of the day. Creston also is on Mountain Time. We took a “scenic” route… Whatever. The short story is that we were really late getting into Creston and had just enough time to get to the auditorium for our sound check.
 march 6 015
Much different country here. Very mountainous.
march 6 022
Prince Charles Secondary, where the concert was held.
march 6 023
Creston, like Grand Forks, is also famous for 2 things:
march 6 018
It is the home of Kokanee beer.
march 6 025
And the Sasquatch!!
See the fear in his eyes!!!
march 6 026
(After a pretty intense rehearsal/sound check, Will provided us with some much needed comic relief.)
We sang a great show and got to bed early for an early departure to Nelson.
Wait… what am I missing? Oh, yeah.
march 6 027
Peter, our awesome driver, brought us a present for the long trip back to the hotel (2 blocks away) (a peace offering for the “scenic” detour earlier in the day).


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