Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 5 - Nelson

You know you are not in the metropolis anymore. The store across the street from the Downtowner Motor Hotel where we stayed in Creston is an actual gold panning store (the only one I have ever seen before). If only we had more time…

march 7 002

Lorraine got all giddy at the chance to acquire more jewelry. It might just be me, but if there was gold in the streams around town would you want to advertise the fact, or sell the supplies so that other people could find it?

march 7 004 

The Kootenay’s  sure are majestic!


We left Creston and headed out to Nelson. Our concert was held at the Capitol Theater at 2:00 pm. A great old converted movie theater.

march 7 009

The inside of the theatre.


march 7 011

A lovely day in Nelson.


march 7 012


I’ve stood atop what was once the tallest building in the world, but I have to say the view from our hotel in Nelson is one I will remember.

march 7 014


Since our concert was in the afternoon, it meant we had the evening off. The Academy Awards were on television, so we decided to get junk food and have an Oscar party. Junk food in Nelson consisted of organic Thai-flavored rice crackers in  environmentally conscious packaging. Gluten-free… of course! So Nelson!!

march 7 017

We then went to bed early for the next day which Vi termed a “potential day from hell”.

march 7 018

5:15 am is way too early to get up. Right girls?

march 7 019



  1. Go team go! Miss you guys... Can somebody please figure out how to post live broadcasts of the concerts? I want the real play-by-play!