Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 6 - Edmonton

We left Nelson at 6:00am, and had a very strict schedule to get to Cranbrook to catch a flight to Edmonton via Calgary.

Violet found out that the mountain highway we were on was being shut down at 8:00am for avalanche blasting, so we had to rush in order to not get caught. To make matters worse, we ran into a bad snowstorm 15 minutes outside of Nelson. Apparently she had no fingernails left by the time we made it to Cranbrook (with only about 20 min. left before our plane was scheduled to take off).
march 8 011
march 8 015
Snowstorm pictures from the bus.
march 8 018
Here we are all lined up at the check-in counter at Cranbrook airport.
march 8 019
We made the flight by the skin of our teeth.
march 8 025
We packed into the back and were on our way.
march 8 033
We flew over the Rockies and landed in the Prairies.
march 8 037
We went to our hotel and had a rest before a 3-hour rehearsal with Edmonton’s Richard Eaton Singers, with whom we are sharing a concert.
march 8 050
Downtown Edmonton
march 8 051
Bill, Cam and I went to lunch.
march 8 052
Our combined forces, which is going to make for a real great concert!!


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