Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 7- Edmonton

Our day started with a workshop for young composers. We sang through their pieces and then offered some constructive criticism..

march 9 004

These are the vipers you have to watch out for… :) (Marla in the middle just offered me chili-flavoured chocolate and I almost feel guilty for calling her a viper.)


march 9 005

Jon is working with one of the young composers. I like these sessions. There were some really creative and talented young composers in this bunch.

In the evening we joined forces with the Richard Eaton Singers and had a concert at First Presbyterian Church.

march 9 007

The concert went really well. It was especially nice to sing in a church acoustic. (We had gotten used to singing in theatres up until this point.)

march 9 011

Jon was in fine form.

We sang the world premiere of a piece by Ruth Watson Henderson.

march 9 018

Here is a picture of conductor Len Ratzlaff, with Ruth.

march 9 021

The girls with poet E.D. Blodgett. He was once poet laureate of Edmonton, and wrote the text for the piece which was commissioned for this concert.

There was a great reception after the concert.

march 9 019

We even made some friends.

march 9 023

march 9 028

Cheers, everyone!!

march 9 030 

Time to get ready for bed!

P.S. We miss you Alicia!!! John, still no baby?


  1. It was great having you all here. RES will miss you all.
    Until next time!!

    (The other) Cameron