Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 8 - Edmonton, long layover in Calgary, and finally Regina

The day started with a conducting workshop at the University of Alberta. There were 6 conducting students who each got a 20-minute masterclass with Jon and the choir. 

In the rehearsal room someone very creative transformed this no smoking sign. How appropriate!

march 10 001

march 10 002

One of the student conductors.

march 10 006

They all did very well.

We then rushed to the airport to catch a flight to Regina with a stopover in Calgary. Unfortunately, due to fog earlier in the day, our plane was an hour late leaving Edmonton.

march 10 007

Here we are in line at the Edmonton airport. This is before we found out that our short trip to Regina was going to take much, much longer than expected.

We made it to Calgary and found out that we had missed our connecting flight. They had rescheduled most of us on a later flight that would get us to Regina at 1:30am. The rest were coming at 7:00am the next morning.  We split up, and those who were staying the night in Calgary went to their hotel (supplied by Air Canada), while the rest of us had an all-day campout at the airport waiting for our late-night flight to depart. There went our hopes of the Caribbean dinner adventure we were supposed to have which Melissa (our host in Regina) was going to put on for us.

march 10 008

Vi, at the customer service desk in Calgary. Before her visit to the Maple Leaf Lounge…

march 10 010

Here she is handing out our new boarding passes and meal vouchers.

We camped out at the restaurant where a really nice waitress took pity on us (after we bribed her with chocolate) and took really good care of us!

march 10 012


march 10 015

The hours went by like seconds… well, almost.

We got to Regina and my head hit the pillow at 3:00 am. Wow! What a day!!! It took longer to get from Edmonton to Regina than it did for us to get from Vancouver to Tokyo in November.

march 10 016


  1. Oh wow, what a horrific journey! It's an 8 hour drive or so...not that you would prefer busing. Anyway, just to say, fond memories of your time in Edmonton, and on behalf of our grad students, thank you to Jon and choir for an inspiring workshop.

    Len Ratzlaff