Friday, February 22, 2013

We are on our way...almost

Have you ever wondered what a singer packs to go on tour? We present 'The Anatomy of a Suitcase = some of the essentials...'

Please note: an entire ziploc bag of herbal tea; power bars for those long days of rehearsals/workshops, candied ginger to share on the tour bus; cold supplies including, but not limited to: oil of oregano, 2 types of nasal spray for the plane rides, travel kleenex, vitamin C...and we can't forget the woolies for those minus 22o C days in Regina...

This suitcase was obviously packed by an "A" type personality in the choir.

Mine unfortunately will not be packed until 6:15am tomorrow morning, We are due to be at the Airport at 6:40am (Kill me now). 

Our first night of the tour officially starts tonight with a concert at West Vancouver library. 

Please follow us as we travel across the prairies to Regina and back, with stops in Edmonton, Humboldt, and Calgary.


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