Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012-New Brunswick/Maine/Nova Scotia

Fredericton, New Brunswick

This is a picture of  the New Brunswick Legislative Building built in 1882.
Fredericton is the first stop on our East Coast tour.

photo 1
We are performing as part of the “Fredericton Playhouse Spotlight” series.

We’ve had a little time to go out and do some exploring…

…which meant there was enough time to get up to “no good”!


We had a great lunch at the Snooty Fox Pub…
photo (2)

… where we heard some local musicians play. Only in the Maritimes!
photo (1) - Copy

The Lord Beaverbrook hotel has special meaning to me. I grew up on Beaverbrook Street in Winnipeg. It was named after the same Lord Beaverbrook who was a Canadian business tycoon in the early 1900s.
Even the managers of the choir get “down in the trenches” to lug a riser or a box of programs for tonight’s concert. It almost looks like Vi is shopping!


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